The Big Adventure


In three days my mysterious big adventure will kick off! And I am EXCITED! So what am I about to do? In some days I will hop on a plane to the other side of our globe to explore a new culture and its beautiful nature and to teach english to little children and teens. And all this, I will do in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. IT IS SO EXCITING!!!

A good friend and I decided that we wanted to do some voluntary work and explore a new country and its culture. By word of mouth we came across a project in Bangkok where they were looking for volunteers who wanted to teach english. They did not have to ask it twice, my friend E. and I directly dreamed of hopping on a plane and leave for beautiful Thailand. Since we are both in our early twenties the time is now to wander the globe, make international friends, experience new things and grow. How can we do this better than to pass on the knowledge we already acquired in our young life and learn from that ourselves? Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” and I think he is totally right. Every person deserves to become well-educated therefore we were happy with the wonderful job of teaching english to youths and exploring a new culture at the same time.

Without a lot of preparing nor investigating we decided to go for it and we booked our flight three weeks ago. And now, it is only three days before we will take off for a long flight but I am sure that it will be totally worth it!

I will keep you updated about my travels and experiences as my feelings and recommendations as well.




2 responses to “The Big Adventure

  1. Met welke organisatie was dit want ik heb zelf interesse om ook zo’n project te doen? 🙂

    • Dag Ellen, ik ben viavia terechtgekomen bij Pror van de organisatie Can do. En via haar heb ik samen met deze organisatie zelf uitgestippeld wat we gingen doen. Je kan eens contact opnemen met Pror (haar fb is Pror Can Do) en kijken of er mogelijkheden zijn!

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