Good morning Thailand


Off we were, yesterday morning! Etihad Airways brought us form Dusseldorf to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok. After two six hours’ flights and a run at the airport of Abu Dhabi, Pror, our new amazing Thai friend was present to get us at the airport in Bangkok. We cannot say anything bad about Etihad Airways since all was good, however they may have difficulties with the term non-lactose. I ordered a non-lactose meal when I booked but I was sick the entire journey after all! My friend’s vegetarian meals were delicious though, she loved it!

The basic room we will stay in for the next three weeks is located in the surroundings of Bangkok near the schools, where we will be teaching from tomorrow on! Although we were tired from watching movies in the plane all day and all night, we immediately visited the teens at the Na Luang School, one of the projects where we will teach. Working with them is going to be a big adventure because they hardly speak english (like their english teacher). Later on, in the afternoon we visited another beautiful project named Fai-Fah, here we will talk with kids during their after school activities and support them in their art projects! Fai-Fah is a project supported by TMBBank in which teenagers can come together after school to do their homework and practice their after school activities such as dancing, singing, painting and so much more. We already found out that the biggest adventures of our trip will be to communicate with the thai people and to cross the streets, which is nearly impossible from time to time. We ended our exploring today with visiting a local market and preparing our classes for the kids tomorrow! And oh yeah, with a karaoke concert of our host, who is living in the room next to our’s,… What a beautiful ending of a busy but amazing day!

Sweet dreams!



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