Smiling Little Darlings and Sunshine

Smiling Little Darlings and Sunshine

Today’s theme was smiling. Smiles of little Thai angels at the playground in the morning, smiles of students in English class, imperfect smiles of high school teachers and satisfied smiles of us. We can say that Thai people are incredibly happy and smiley. And helping those smiley darlings makes us happy, makes us shiny, makes us proud. After a day of preparing classes, working hard and doing our best to teach the children some new English vocabulary and grammar, the satisfaction only grows by seeing the mademoiselles with braided hair and the schoolboys in their uniforms leave the classrooms with a huge smile on their fragile faces. The clever students that we teach are so thankful for our help that we cannot do more than go to a beautiful park and afterglow in the last sunshines of the day. We perfected our real life dream in a small pub eating delicious food and singing: “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me” with the smiles of our little Thai angels in the back of our minds.


Ps: As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys is a perfect song on a rainy summer night!


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