Thailand’s Talented Teens

After a couple of busy days filled with teaching, getting lost in the jungle Bangkok is and meeting the girl who made this all possible (thank you for everything, Tae!!!) we decided to slow down today. A perfect Sunday for Fai-Fah’s exhibition! We did not know what to expect so we left for Fai-Fah’s without any expectations. But once my travel buddy and I arrived we were overwhelmed by the talented teens. Next to singing and dancing they surprised us with several projects such as drawing, designing with useless cloth, a self-made stop motion movie and a taekwondo performance.


In a drawing workshop the skilled teens drew and painted the nature elements which resulted in a beautiful series of art works.

DSCF1499 DSCF1500

By using old or useless cloth the teens want to recycle in a util and efficient way. They braid the second-hand cloth and make various new products from bracelets to fashionable handbags which they sell.

DSCF1509 DSCF1512

The Fai-Fah members are not only very concerned with nature and how to recycle efficient but they are also aware of the cruelty of keeping animals caged in a zoo and taking away their freedom. Some beautiful paintings of animals were made during trips to the zoo and one of the teens made a fascinating stop-motion movie about a bear escaping out of the zoo and getting accepted in human society. The short film is beautifully made by a skilled drawer and the message behind it is inspiring. We had not expected such deep-going thoughts and ideas when coming to visit this exhibition organized by fourteen til eighteen year olds. Both, my friend and I, were impressed by the showcase’s honesty and beauty.

But it did not stop here, some senior members taught the juniors a stunning hiphop routine and performed it in front of their parents. Although the lack of space, the routine was perfectly completed with some amazing tricks as well.


Finally, a big group of members showed us that Thai teens can sing as well. Beautiful choir songs as well as breathtaking solos were perfectly completed in Thai and English. I’m happy to be able to share some parts of some of the songs with you however the most magical moment will stay forever in my mind, namely when one of the boys gave a wonderful performance with some girls as backing vocals. I can only describe this act in one word: goosebumps! Unfortunately, I was enjoying the song too much to have the time to get it on tape. Enjoy some of the other songs! (Our videos are soon to be uploaded due to my poor internet connection we are not able to upload them at the moment. Thanks for your understanding 😉 )

After this wonderful day I can say you with certainty that Thailand’s teens have a great amount of talent and that the Thai art has a bright future!

I look forward to work with this skilled Fai-Fah members next week and I hope I can inspire them as much as they inspired me!



One response to “Thailand’s Talented Teens

  1. Dag Lise,geweldig wat je daar allemaal gaat beleven.misschien kan ik je langs deze weg ,een Gelukkige Verjaardag wensen .Geniet van het leven.Nies

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