Beautiful Bangkok

On Monday we finally had time to visit the historical center of Bangkok. It was our day-off and we thought it was the perfect moment for some sightseeing and acting like real tourists! In the morning we started with a recommended boat trip which was a nice manner to move fast since Bangkok traffic is horrible and you don’t want to get stuck in it.

1) First of all we visited the Royal Palace. Although they told us a shawl to cover your shoulders, long pants and closed shoes would satisfy, I had to borrow a ugly shirt to cover my shoulders because scarves were not allowed and closed shoes were not necessary after all. It is even recommend to wear flip flops for when you have to take of your shoes in temples or religious sites. The palace itself was beautiful and a must-see when in Bangkok. The big amount of Korean tourists with their white pants, flowery shirts and colorful bags made it even more fun!

2) Next, we decided to have a look at the laying Buddha. This one even surprised us more since it was bigger than we expected and the beautiful building complex around it made it even more stunning! Here, we came across less tourists than at the Royal Palace and it was much more pleasant to walk around at ease and to make pictures.

3) Thirdly, we had the amazing plan to visit the wonderful Dusit park and its throne halls, but if I can give you one tip: check the opening hours! From the outside we could see that the park was beautiful and it was worth the long walk but unfortunately our day off was the park’s as well. On Monday a lot of touristic places are closed and of course we did not know that. It was a nice (and long) walk and at the end it was totally worth it. Above all, now we had a reason to take the skytrain back to Saphan Taksin, which was a very nice experience. The train is very clean and has AC. What surprised us was the way the Thai were waiting in line at both sides of the doors to get on the train, in Belgium that is unthinkable.

4) At last, we went to the Asiatique, a typical touristic place with loads of restaurants and shops of all kinds. A place we definitely can recommend for some shopping and if you want something else than Thai food but you can find that at the Asiatique as well.

I’m glad to share some of our tips with you when visiting Bangkok:

  • Do not go on Mondays, since a lot of attractions are closed
  • Go to the main places before 3.30 p.m. since that is closing time
  • Wear long pants, t-shirts and sandals or easy shoes
  • Be prepared to sweat
  • Make a selfie with Koreans

Some of our snaps of the day









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