Bike Rides

While biking through the surroundings of Bangkok I came across a woman on the streets wearing a t-shirt with the quote “smile and smile”. This perfectly resumes the Thai people and my last days. Since we are more known in the school, the students start coming to us to talk and say “Good morning, teacher”. They smile when we enter the class room and they still smile when we leave. We smile when we enter and we smile when we say “see you next week” as well. Not only at the Na Luang high school the children are becoming more talkative but also at Fai-Fah the teens are curious to get to know us. On Tuesday they were as kind to let us join one of their dance classes which was a new experience especially since they always threat us with so much respect and manners. For a moment we could forget all of these habits and just have fun like friends.

We decided to participate in a bike trip, a guided tour by KMUTT Cyclist Circle. The guide surprised us with a stunning 15 km trip next to a canal through the surroundings of Bangkok. It was so beautiful that we decided to go back for an other ride today. My Saturday night was a bike trip by sunset kinda night thanks to our friend Pror this time who was so kind to be our guide. The pad next to the canal was magical with its typical fisherman’s houses, small boats and exotic palmtrees. When in Bangkok this is a must-do even if it is outside the city-center and a 45 minutes bus ride it is totally worth it! It was wonderful to enjoy the landscape and to watch the Thai people living their life.

After being in Thailand for ten days right now, I feel happy and alive and I know how beautiful life can be when smiling, sharing knowledge and enjoying every moment!

May your life be as beautiful as your dreams!


Ps: Pic of the day made by our Thai friend Pror.



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