Adventurous journeys and Ayutthaya

Two days off, so time for a hotel with a swimming pool in the Business District of Bangkok and time for a day trip to Ayutthaya! Getting to a hotel at the other side of a city with eight million inhabitants with only 20 baht (not even 1 euro) is more adventurous than we expected. We forgot to go to the exchange bureau on Friday therefore we were stuck in the surroundings of Bangkok with only 20 baht and we definitely wanted to go to the swimming pool we were dreaming of the last days. It was a fierce trip but thanks to a friendly tuktuk driver and some American young (and handsome) men we made it. Thank you! We learned it is always good to start talking to everyone even if the three first taxi drivers could not help us we did not give up. So be spontaneous and ask the natives instead of using Google Maps on your fancy smart phone! Although, I really like the Business District and its luxury after two weeks of cold showers and being the only tourists in our area, I am a bit perplexed by the amount of (rather fat) old white men with young Thai ladies by their side. E. and I knew this phenomenon existed, but we didn’t realize it was this big. Fortunately, this is an area with a lot of international young people as well. Suddenly, we met two Austrian guys who took us to a stunning rooftop bar in the neighborhood which is a must-do in every big city. (Bucket list: check)


After a short night rest we left Bangkok and its surroundings for the first time this trip. We took a van to Ayutthaya and again we were astonished by Thailand’s beauty. When in Bangkok, Ayutthaya is a must-see and a perfect day trip! That’s why I will share some of our tips:

  • Take a van (60 baht) from Khao San Road or Victory Monument to Ayutthaya. (We talked with some Spanish travelers who told us the taxi driver who brought them there was not correct.)
  • Once at the old city, rent a bike for 50 baht and do not rent a tuktuk with driver for the day. A bike is much more fun, cheaper and good for your tan! Even I, a freckled blondie got finally a bit tanned.
  • Be aware of angry dogs and make sure you don’t get attacked like my friend and me!
  • Take a lot of fun pictures at all the different sites. Ask other tourists to help you and talk with them, there are a lot of interesting people with lots of tips out there!
  • And enjoy, because the old ruins in Ayutthaya and the buddhist temples are fascinating.

Some of our favorites of the last two days:






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