Thank You Can Do Team and Fai-Fah

Today was a day of goodbyes and farewell parties. And we are sad about that. E. as well as I can say we are going to miss the students, their energy and most of all their smiles. It is strange to not hear the children say: “See you next time teacher!” The last two and a half weeks we had so much fun. We learned about the Thai culture, teaching English and about ourselves. Every person we met in our volunteering project was so thankful for our help, while we are feeling extremely blessed by being invited to all this wonderful projects. We cannot say thank you enough, especially to all the Can Do Team members and the Fai-Fah team! In particular, we want to say thanks to Pror again for arranging everything. We are happy to say that everything was beyond our expectations and that if you ever want to do some volunteer work in Thailand we are glad to help you contact Pror, the Can Do Team and all their amazing projects.

First we said goodbye to the Fai-Fah teens and volunteers, which was a sad moment because we were really honored working here. Everybody appreciated us and we got so much back from the teens as well, not only during class but before and after as well. So thank you, Fai-Fah for the wonderful experience, the delicious food, the laughing, the dance classes and all the smiles!

DSCF2168 DSCF2167

After our goodbyes at Fai-Fah the members of Can Do Team organized a little party for us which was pleasant. They told us all about their projects and background and now we can only appreciate and support them more. Thank you Can Do Team for inviting us, inspiring us, our accommodation, the party and the friendship!


If you want to learn more about the projects and all these wonderful persons don’t hesitate to check: Fai-Fah and Can Do Team !

Although our projects are ending now, we will be traveling in Thailand for awhile so don’t doubt and keep on reading and following us!



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