Beautiful Beaches and Breath-taking Views

We left the stunning temples of Chiang Rai and the night-long parties in Chiang Mai behind us and headed to the South. This time we chose to fly with AirAsia from Chiang Mai directly to Krabi Airport, which was a rather expensive flight but the fastest we could find. It took us a two and a half hour flight to move from the northern part of Thailand to the southern. Once in Krabi a bus for 150 baht took us to our hostel, The Dawn of Happiness. This bus is the cheapest way to get away of the airport and it will get you to any hotel in Krabi Town or Ao Nang.

E. and I are used to book most hotels through Airbnb or and therefore we are never sure about their quality but we were lucky so far. This changed at our hostel in Krabi which we booked through Airbnb. It was wonderfully located with the most friendly staff but it was just too basic and too dirty for us. After one night we decided to check out and leave for a hotel, Rimlay Villas, with swimming pool 300 metres farther on the beach. With only six guests and an extremely clean swimming pool, an air-conditioned room and a low price (thanks to the time of the year we are traveling in) this was the best decision we could make. We were so happy to have a swimming pool in the heat. What could we do better than enjoy the view, read a good book and hang in the pool?

At night we headed to Ao Nang town with the free hotel shuttle and we were so lucky to catch a glimpse of the sunset at Ao Nang Beach, our first real sunset on this trip so far and it was wonderful. Ao Nang itself is a nice, small town with lots of tourists, nice restaurants and lots of ho(s)tels. A nice plays to stay. We, though, were happy we stayed a bit outside the city at a remote place and directly at the beach. It felt like the sea, the beach and the swimming pool were only ours, which made the amazing views even more special.

DSCF2536 DSCF2555 DSCF2605 DSCF2641 DSCF2649

Because our island-hopping trip was cancelled, we did not have another choice but leave our pool for the day and take a long tail boat to Railay Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and the world. I can assure you, it felt like paradise. We enjoyed our day at the beach between the few tourists that made the boat trip all the way to Railay. For lunch a pancake with the best bananas I have ever had filled my stomach and after I was ready to enjoy the second beach at the other side of the island. When you go to Railay Beach, make sure you visit East Beach and West Beach. While East Beach is wonderful to do some climbing our enjoy lunch, West Beach got the most beautiful beach and view. Although we used a lot of suncreme, we turned back to our hotel as red lobsters. Thank you after-sun to be there for us in this times of too much sunshine!

DSCF2726 DSCF2751 DSCF2761

Since the bus that dropped us of the first night at Krabi does not drive the other way round in the evening we took our free hotel shuttle to the city and saw some American friends who we met earlier in Chiang Mai. They persuaded us to take a hike with them to a magical view point. Although we were short in time and had to catch a flight in the evening, we were crazy enough to get on their motorbikes and head to the other side of the island for a hike. At some moments we risked our life at the motorbike (that’s how it felt) but we are happy we did it, the ride itself was beautiful, the hike was tiring but magical through the woods with lots of little animals and the view at the top was breath-taking.

DSCF2783 DSCF2789

“The most amazing moments in life are the unplanned ones,” somebody once told me. Well, I do agree.



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