Back to Bangkok

We ended our trip were it all began, in Bangkok. There was one more thing on our wish list we had to do: to visit a floating market. So we did. It was a disappointment though, since there were only five boats at the market and it wasn’t at all like we expected. If you want to visit a floating market make sure it is worth the travel (most floating markets are a while outside the city) and check before.

Fortunately we were able to end our trip in beauty. At the end of our day we decided to walk to a bridge which we already crossed several times by bus and which had an amazing view. This was the best way we could end our trip, just staring at Bangkok’s skyline, with the typical Bangkok traffic rushing behind us and reflecting about our 27 wonderful days in Thailand.

DSCF2843 DSCF2869 DSCF2881

After taking some last pictures I hopped on the plane to Belgium with a backpack full of dirty clothes and wonderful memories. I have to say: of course, I did not enjoy every moment of this trip, when I was sick of the food or when it was hot and I had to take a bus with no airconditioning I wished I was home, hanging in my sofa. But after a couple of minutes this feeling was always gone, not only due to Thailand’s beauty but also due to the magic of traveling. It is something indescribable. Like a lot of people, I desire to travel every moment the rest of my life. You and I know that this is only given to the happy few but when the chance is there, buy the ticket and go. That’s what I will do from now on.

I can say that our last-minute Thailand trip was one of the best decisions I ever made. While teaching I didn’t only learn a lot about the Thai culture, their school system and teaching but I also learned a lot about myself. To volunteer was one of my dreams since I was a little kid and it came true this summer. It is a total new way of traveling and exploring a culture for me and I can assure you, it is the best way! I was so fortunate to travel a lot with my family during my youth and I already explored a lot of cultures and places but it was never as intense as this trip. When helping those kids with learning English you get so much back of them which makes it even more worth than volunteering already is. If you are doubting about volunteering our making a trip, just do it! Stop doubting, go explore! It is ALWAYS worth it! You will always learn something, isn’t it about another culture or isn’t a trip like you had hoped for, you will always learn something about yourself and at the end you will always be happy you did it.

On the plane back home I was already ready to pack my bags again and go explore the world again. But I’m staying home now for awhile, to enjoy the little things; my family, my girls,… Because at the end, I’m always going home with a lot of wonderful memories. My first trip as twenty-one year old blogging girl was more than I could hope for and not only my blog made it more intense and special but I have also to thank my travel buddy. Without E. this trip wouldn’t have been the same and I was more than glad that she enjoyed me on this life changing journey. She is the only one who will fully understand me if I ever refer to my Thailand trip again. Moreover, we had a lot of laughs and fun together but she also helped me when I was sick or when my backpack was too heavy. So thanks E. for being as crazy as me and book this last-minute trip to the other side of the world. Next year again?

Also I have to say thank you to all the people who made this trip possible namely; my lovely parents, Tae, Pror, the entire Can Do Team and all the people I met on the journey such as the retired American man in the motor bar, the lovely lady of South Africa, the Thai guard, the guys from Seattle and of course all our sweet students. Thank you.

Although, my trip is over now I won’t stop blogging. Keep on reading and following for many more!

Kisses from Belgium.

L. M. P. Wilma K.



2 responses to “Back to Bangkok

  1. Lise,je hebt zeker en vast een prachtige reis gehad.Ik heb ook je commentaren gelezen,en de foto’s …prachtig.En dan ook nog je 21 jaar mogen vieren tijdens deze ,volgens mij,adembenemende reis.Je hebt dat goed gedaan.
    Bedankt voor je kaartje,het is drie dagen geleden aangekomen.
    Dikke kus,Nies

  2. I am so happy we decided to go to Thailand together! I will remember this incredible journey for the rest of my life, and I am looking forward to many more adventures with you at the other side of the world! Together we can make the world a better place and make our dreams come true! I love you crazy girl! ❤

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