A Story about Room-Hunting

Last Thursday I hopped on a plane to Valencia without a return ticket. Suddenly, it was the third of September and I had to leave for my big adventure. With one bag and a backpack on my shoulders my parents dropped me of at the airport and I kissed them goodbye. Nervous as hell, I headed to Spain.

Once in Valencia the following days would be filled by flat-hunting which I hate and love at the same time. I was too late to get the room I wanted and it was hard to find something, when most of the rooms are already rented. After a couple of days, there was light at the end tunnel. I found a lovely room in the city-center near Plaza de Ayuntamiento and el Mercado Central. I am looking forward to go grocery shopping at this famous Valencian market and to buy my fresh fruits and fish here. Living in the center has its advantages and disadvantages though. Most shops are close, there is a lot to do and the atmosphere is amazing. Although it is lovely place to live, it is not close to my university and the beach is a fifteen-minute bike ride away. But who cares when you have a Valenbici station at every corner of the street?


I was so happy to move into my room in a seven-bedroom apartment. I did not care that I have to share my room with a nice German guy for one week. I met him in the hostel I was staying at while looking for a room and we became friends during our flat-hunting journey. We study at the same university and have common interest like soccer and traveling. It is also nice to have someone living in the same apartment, who loves to cook and above all, he is a very good cook! (Especially because I have no patience to cook at all!)

I am totally in love with my flat which is entirely furnished in red and white. My mini balcony makes it even more magical to live here! To personalize my room a bit more I will be heading to a Spanish Ikea one of the next days, so I can start my study abroad adventure next week in a lovely apartment!


University only starts next week, so exploring the city is all what I have to do for now! Oh, besides shopping of course!

¡Hasta Luego!


One response to “A Story about Room-Hunting

  1. thanks for update. Have a good time in Valencia and make sure you learn lot’s of Spanish

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