Weekends Are Not For Going Home.

In Spain, weekends are not for going home but for making trips and relaxing! My second weekend in Valencia was one full of activities, fun and had-to-be-done shores.

It started with a IKEA-trip with my two lovely neighbors and my German roomy. I love IKEA and so do they, who doesn’t? Fortunately, all of us found everything we needed and we loved our IKEA-lunch as well (except for I., whose paella was from two days ago! Tip: never go for paella in an IKEA restaurant!) In the afternoon, we all became Cinderellas and cleaned our rooms since we all could move to our own new home now.

On Sunday one of the girls organized a trip to Albufera, el Palmar and el Saler with the four of us. After a long bus ride (we hopped off six stops too late) we arrived at the lake of Albufera and made a boat trip through the reeds. It was beautiful to navigate on this lake at a sunny day and spot the flocks of birds flying around us. Back ashore, we hitch-hiked to El Palmar and enjoyed some delicious tapas at La Casa Angel. After strolling through this cosy village we headed to the beautiful beach of El Saler. We already started to get used to the crowded beach La playa de la Malvarrosa but this beach was totally different. It was not busy at all, the sand dunes and the big waves made this beach more appealing than the one at the other side of the harbour.








This weekend we decided to stay home and chill on the beach for two days. A good decision. Chilling, reading, swimming, laughing and eating a lot are the key words of these two days, during which we started to form our own little family.








2 responses to “Weekends Are Not For Going Home.

  1. Looks very enjoyable. I’m totally in love with Valencia, it’s such a great city. History and beaches combined make it just perfect 🙂

    • It’s wonderful to read that you’re enjoying your stay in Valencia , hope that you can include some nice spaniards in your little family…besos, mama

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