Studying abroad is not all about happy moments. From time to time you need to have some bad days or sad moments to see how happy you are at your new home. For me, the last couple of days I was so sick, the only thing I wanted was to go home to my mom (Belgium, home). A sunstroke followed by an inflammation of the throat were the demons living in my body. Fortunately, I made some very good friends the last weeks and they took care of me like I only thought my mommy could. The girls checked me from time to time, they made a delicious soup for me and all of them took me to the doctor. Yes, we went to the local hospital like a real family, with the four of us. Need I say more?

Thanks to them, the calls with my parents and their friends I can happily say that this is my mood again:


Long live good friends, sleep and Ibuprofeno.




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