A is for Alicante, B is for Barcelona and X is for Xativa.

Lately, my Erasmus experience was more about traveling and exploring than about sitting behind a desk and listening to a lecture. First, I visited Alicante with my little Erasmus family. Then my parents visited me in Valencia and they took me to beautiful Barcelona. Third, I made a day trip to the magical castle of Xativa.

Alicante is located a two-hour train ride in southern direction from Valencia. The drive through the hilly landscape was stunning. Once in Alicante we discovered that it was half-marathon day in this coastly city. We left this event behind us and visited Castillo Santa Barbara. This big castle is located on a hill and its view is amazing! It is a good place to take stunning pictures. The walked down through the nearby park, which kept on surprising us with colourful flowers and wonderful views. The old city centre was small and cosy in contrast to the massiveness of the castle. A happy atmosphere hung in the small streets, which were filled with dozens of little restaurants. Our afternoon we spend wandering through the little harbour and the girls and I enjoyed the sun on Alicante’s beach. (We prefer the Valencian playa!)

DSCF3390 DSCF3396 DSCF3469

I was happy to see my parents again after a month, not only because they had a big bag full of clothes with them for me but also because I, yes, missed them. Although I had class, we were able to spend some time together. They met my little Erasmus family and we enjoyed a delicious dinner with the seven of us at a beach restaurant called Panorama. This restaurant is located on the pier in the Juan Carlos I Marina, the food is delicious and the view is even more fantastic! Because spending two days with my parents was way too short, I joined them and their friends in Barcelona for two more days. Due to my university holiday, the Valencian holiday and Columbus Day this was possible without skipping class. Long live long weekends.

In Barcelona we explored the Arabic neighbourhood, the Gothic part of the city and some of the too crowded high lights. We enjoyed a bike trip next to the beach to a less famous part of Barcelona which was a perfect way to get away of the crowded city-centre for a while!

P1110331-65 P1110427-159 DSCF3708 DSCF3669

Once back in Valencia, my Erasmus friends and I decided to make a last-minute trip to the near-by town Xativa and its magical castle. A must-do when in the neighbourhood, it was even more beautiful than I expected!

DSCF3818 DSCF3852DSCF3899

After a busy week it is back to reality and to studying for four days. Because on Friday, WE ARE GOING TO IBIZA, ioh ioh oh we oh!




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