Ibiza’s Hills and Beaches.

Due to two extremely busy weeks at school I did not have the time to blog and to be honest, I totally forgot about it. But worth mentioning is my Ibiza trip of two weeks ago. One of the things I wanted to do when I signed up for this Erasmus experience was a weekend trip to this nearby isle. As my friends and family know, I love dancing and going out from time to time but this wasn’t my purpose when going to Ibiza. A couple of years ago I read a well-written article in an edition of the magazine Marie Claire about Ibiza’s beautiful nature and since that moment this little isle was on my bucket list.

I told my little Erasmus family about my plans and they were eager to join me. All of them like to party from time to time as well but we all left with the same purpose, exploring the beautiful nature of Ibiza. And off we went. After a flight not even long enough to mention, I was on an isle again. On our first day we decided to explore the neighbourhood of our apartment by car (we rented a very cheap apartment which was located in the bay of St Antoni de Portmany). With only a direction, Southwards, we started driving and by accident we bumped into one of the most remote and beautiful places of Ibiza, Cala Conta. The five of us were aloud to explore some cliffs on our own in complete silence. Our weekend could not start more beautiful. This day, which started as a casual Friday, ended on an even more magical way when we saw the sun set between the tiny isle in front of the reddish coast.

DSCF4087 DSCF4101 DSCF4272 DSCF4364

Before going to bed, we were happy to enjoy a meal in our apartment and have late night talks by the lights of the silent bay.

Saturdays are for roadtripping Ibiza’s northern part. Without a clear plan, again, we drove to the North of the isle and we decided to stop by every place that seemed interesting. Thanks to our amazing driver A., our co-driver and dj J. and the three fairies in the back, the hours in the car became a fun mix of singing, sleeping. enjoying the view and taking car selfies. A. drove us to the most wonderful hills, beaches and remote cliffs we could imagine. By every stop we made, my friends and I realized how much more Ibiza is than parties, drunk tourists and sunbathing.

DSCF4425 DSCF4408 DSCF4460DSCF4473Due to our choice to visit Ibiza in October lots of bars were closed in the evening and we had not much choice to go out, which made our apartment the best choice to be in the evenings.

On our last day on the isle we became princes and princesses visiting the castle of Ibiza’s capital Eivissa. After wandering through its small streets, we ended our Ibiza trip on one of its beautiful beaches, where it was still warm enough to take a dive into the sea at Cala Ses Salines and we enjoyed our last Ibiza moments.

DSCF4630 DSCF4553

Hasta luego,



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