Beaches and Twinkling Lights.

Only one more week and the fun part of my Erasmus+ experience is over. Only ONE more week!!

At first I loved the idea of going home, back to our cosy house, our always clean shower, kitchen and toilet and to the people I love. Now, I get nervous of the idea of going home and I want to stay in my new city. But I know I have to go and it is for the following reasons. First of all, I finished the Belgian chocolate my parents brought with, I have no other choice than to hop on a plane and be surrounded by the best chocolate in the world again. Secondly, the cosyness of Christmas is none existent in warm Valencia. To be honest there is a certain cosyness, we have an ice-skating track, a Christmas market and twinkling lights everywhere. But still the feeling is not the same when you go home after class without a jacket on, the Christmas tree is placed next to a row of palm trees and you are planning to go to the playa at the weekend. To get the real Christmas feeling, my home is the place-to-be thanks to our yearly four-meter high X-MAS tree, my dad’s overdose of twinkling lights in- and outside the house and my mom’s winter dishes. In addition, my last visitors are gone. My parents, aunt P. and W. visited me for the weekend, it was filled with food, bike trips and lot of fun. Finally, every Erasmus student seems to go home for this period of togetherness and I know my friends and family are waiting for me. So, I am going home for Christmas, seven nights and eight days. It will be hard to leave Belgium again since I will be in Valencia to study, make exams and do some or a lot of sale-shopping. But I prefer to be in this Spanish city as much as possible before I have to go home for real.

When my family was here, we did some things that still were asking for attention on my bucket list such as; visiting the museum of Bellas Artes, watching Messi, Neymar and of course Pique play in real life, having lunch in Alboraya and eating in the famous restaurant Habitual. I will share some snapshots my mom made during their stay, because they are beautiful like always!


Let’s pack!

I want to wish you all, your family and your friends a ‘feliz navidad’!




4 responses to “Beaches and Twinkling Lights.

  1. Weer leuk! Glad to have you home soonxxx

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op 15-dec.-2015 om 22:19 heeft “Wandering Wilma” het volgende geschreven:

  2. It was a wonderfull city-trip with great people, nice weather and delicious food (pateekes)!!! See you soon and ENJOY your last days in Valencia 😉 P &W

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