It was an incredible year. I have been living on a rollercoaster and I never had experienced so many highs and lows in one year. My life did not know in-betweens in 2015. But I was never as happy as I was in 2015. I was never as sad as I was in 2015. I never loved as much as I did in 2015. I never hated as much as I did in 2015. Let’s say 2015 was my year. 2015 was the year my life changed and the year I started to know myself.

2: The past 12 months the place I called home was not one but were two places. I exchanged rainy Belgium for sunny Spain in September to live the Erasmus+ life. However I missed my lovely family and all my amazing friends, new Erasmus families were created and I finally got the big sister I never had. After 2015, ‘home’ for me is not one place or one country anymore.

0: Zero-lactose, sin lactosa or lactose-vrij was my most used word this year. In March my doctor was as honored to tell me that I finally found my place on a list of wonderful women such as Anne Hathaway, Whoopi Goldberg and Eva Daeleman and that I like them had to ban lactose out of my life. For a dessert lover and chocolate addict like me this was the biggest change or sacrifice I had to make in my life so far.

1: 1 year. 365 days. 8765.81277 hours did it take to make from 2015 MY year, from deepest dales to the highest peeks but nothing in-between. I went through a break up, became 21, volunteered at the other side of the world, got my driver’s license, moved to Spain and I came closer by myself. Oh, and I started this blog!

5: I wandered the world in 2015. Five journeys, I made. First, I visited Erasmus students in Sevilla and Cádiz. Then, my family and I finally met our adoption brother in colourful Senegal. Thirdly, I visited romantic Rome with a love I lost. After, I made the most life-changing journey to and through Thailand with my travel buddy E. And last but not least I hopped on a plane to Spain and would not return to tiny Belgium for four months.


Well, I think we might say that 2015 was a wonderful year. I thank all the people who made this year so amazing the ones who dried my tears, made me laugh, cooked for me, took me to the most amazing places and made me realize how happy I am. Moreover, I want to thank all of you my readers, my followers for your lovely reactions and kind appreciations. I hope we can enjoy this blog together in 2016 as well.

May 2016 be as magical as 2015 or even better (if that is even possible). I wish you all a happy 2016, with lots of travels, a powerful health and never-ending love.











3 responses to “2015

  1. Feeling a little bit nostalgic and reading your old posts… So happy I was part of quite a few of these moments! 😀 You deserve the very best in 2016! ❤

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