Twenty Sixteen

The new year has started 22 days ago and my new year’s resolutions are finally made. On this Friday night I am reflecting about 2015 and my first three weeks of the new year. With the thought of my flight home in six days and starting the new semester in two weeks, I did finally set my 2016 resolutions.

Then, my new year’s resolutions:

  • After the big change in my food pattern in 2015 there will be even a bigger one in 2016. Last year, I had to change my Burgundian habits into a non-lactose diet, which was a big change for a person who loves everything that contains cow milk, especially desserts and chocolate. My 2016 change is a choice. The past three weeks I started to slowly become a vegan. Due to the advise of my friend S. who changed her life in September 2015 and her powerful recommendations, she could convince me. Since I still had lots of stomach problems without the lactose in my life, she advised me to give the vegan life a try. So I did. And honestly after three weeks of trying, I already feel better. I gave myself a transition period until the second semester starts, to get slowly used to my new diet but I have to admit I can feel it when I don’t eat fresh and healthy. So resolution number 1: GO VEGAN (and you should too!) (From February on, my blog won’t be narrating stories about Valencia anymore, so who is in for some vegan talk?)
  • Next to becoming a vegan, becoming fit is one of my other resolutions. The last four months the only ‘sports’ I did, was walking through Valencia. I think this says enough!
  • Oh, and I want to try to start dancing again!
  • Then to my other passion. However I have never read as much as in the past months, I want to read even more in 2016. (Check my Goodreads account for what I am reading and which books I can recommend, link below)
  • Last but not least, I want to travel more. Especially, I want to discover Europe. On my 2016 wish list are; Madrid, Munich, Montpellier and Eastern Europe (after seeing John Sees Earth blog posts about Eastern Europe, I HAVE to go to this less touristic part of our continent!).
  • Oh, and I want to get my Bachelor’s degree at the Catholic University of Leuven.

I think, I can start with that! Hopefully I can fulfill them all  but we will see what 2016 brings. First, I will have to bring up a last effort for my January exams and enjoy the last days of my Erasmus+ experience in wonderful Valencia!

Enjoy this exotic palm tree!

¡Hasta luego!


Ps: Vegan recipes or travel trips to Eastern Europe or any of the M-cities are always welcome!




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