Vegan Vibes

The vegan life has been mine for almost four months now and I never felt better. Still a lot of friends and family keep asking me why I gave up all the delicious things I have always loved to eat. Well, I have a very good reason: my health. One year ago, I became lactose intolerant and had to stop eating everything what contains lactose, or in other words everything what contains animal milk and all dairy. So, I did. But I was not feeling better at all. Until one of my best friends, Stephanie convinced me to try a vegan diet. She was living the vegan life for a couple of months and told me she was feeling wonderful. She sent me some documentaries which are very recommendable:

I tried and it worked. After three weeks of only eating vegetables and plant-based products, drinking soy milk and lots of water I was feeling better. Not only my constant stomach ache disappeared but I was feeling even better as before my diagnosis on lactose intolerance. Now, almost four months later I start to know more and more what products I like and what by body needs during a normal day at uni. But, I also start noticing other side effects eating without eggs, diary, meat or any animal-based product. My skin is softer, I have more energy and do not need my afternoon nap anymore, and I am happier.

Yes, IT IS WORTH IT, to not eat chicken, pie, ice cream and chocolate! IT IS WORTH leaving out those “delicious things” and not have the stomach ache, the balloon belly and the lack of energy. Life is worth it, you are worth it and your body is worth it!

In addition, there are several advantages when eating vegan. The most important reason I became a vegan was not for the animals  but of course this a positive plus. You will not eat animals and animal based products anymore and therefore they will not suffer anymore. Second, the planet. You will save tons of water that are used to produce meat and to keep the animals alive as well as to water the grains the animals eat. You will save the oceans by not eating the several species which live in our seas. And, we can go on. Thirdly, there will be more food for the ones not able to eat everyday. But after all, in the first place you have to do it for yourself and the advantages your body experiences from a vegan diet. You only have one temple to life in, take care of it!

Now, I am used to this lifestyle but it has not always been like that. The beginning is difficult and you have to do research about which veggies contain protein, magnesium, etc. Today there are enough websites and books to find all this information and they make it easier for a beginner like me:

If you are thinking about living the vegan lifestyle, all I can is tell you that it is worth the try and it is delicious:

image  image


Stay healthy,




2 responses to “Vegan Vibes

  1. YES! So happy you’re feeling great & you’d like to promote the vegan lifestyle! Gonna put a link to this post in my next blogpost so people can see another testimony! Proud of you ❤

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