Berries and Yoga

Morning rituals are very important for me because they will determine how I feel the rest of the day! If I don’t eat enough for breakfast I will be hungry the entire day, if I cannot have my morning face wash or shower my eyes will be itchy especially during the hay fever season that is going on now!

What is my morning routine? Well, Wake up-time depends on  on my daily planning. First, I do some yoga or pilates. I love to wake up with Boho Beautiful’s yoga sessions followed by a Blogilates pilates work out. After, I take my quick shower and I eat breakfast. Since I am vegan (for five months now) my breakfast habits changed and became more healthy. I take more time to eat my brekkie and appreciate it more because it is tastier and it defines the rest of my day. To end, I take care of my daily hygiene and make-up rituals.

What do I eat for breakfast? I used to eat Honey Smacks or Frosties from Kellog’s with milk every morning, everyday again. Loads of sugar, you can guess. Although Frosties are vegan, I decided to start eating a less sweet breakfast. I once heard: what you eat in the morning determines your appetite for the rest of the day, a lot of sugar in the morning means the desire for lots of sugar the entire day. So, I quit. But if you don’t eat bread or eggs or Kellog’s for breakfast, then what do you eat?

Well, I love chia pudding. It is sooo good and healthy! I prefer to make vanilla chia pudding however you can make it with every flavor you want. I like vanilla and this taste is easy to combine with various fruits. In my case, with various berries… Mostly, I make the pudding the evening before (then it is the best) and I eat three or four days of the amount I make (or less when I eat it as snack as well, oops!)

Vanilla Chia Pudding Recipe:

  • 2 cup of soy/rice/almond milk
  • 4 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder
  • 1 teaspoon of maple syrup
  • as many berries  or other fruits as you want
  1. You put the milk / chia seeds / maple syrup/ vanilla powder in a blender and you make sure it is mixed well (You can add your fruits in the blender as well but I prefer  to add them when I eat my pudding)
  2. You put away the pudding in a glass bowl and you conceal it. Make sure you leave the pudding in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, I prefer to make it rest a night. You will notice that the pudding became thicker because the chia seeds soaked up the milk.
  3. ENJOY! (& and add all kinds of berries or other fruits as you prefer)

Besides chia pudding, I really like bulgur. It is an Arabic and Indian ingredient made from different wheats. I cook it so that it is hot (I love warm meals for breakfast) and  I pour a smoothie over the hot bulgur instead of just putting berries on it, or I just do both as in the picture. Here I added goji berries and cocos for extra vitamines and to make my breakfast even more delicious.

My third favorite breakfast dish is quick and easy. Oatmeal with rice milk and, of course, berries or banana. I usually use the oatmeal of Quaker because it is packed in little amounts so it is easy on a lazy morning and you can add as much little bags as you want! Some of you won’t like it microwaved but I love it when I can have this warm meal in the morning. I put it 90 seconds on 800 degrees and I usually wait a minute or two to eat it so the oatmeal has the time to cool off!

And last but not least, lately I became a roasted quinoa addict! It is sooo good! My dad bought it by accident and now I love it. It is easy, delicious and healthy! I prefer to eat it with vanilla or blueberry yoghurt depending what I can find in my fridge. I just put everything in a bowl and mix it with my spoon, it is easy as that!



What I love about these four different types of breakfast is that you always have a base to start from (chia pudding / bulgur / oatmeal / roasted quinoa) and you can add any fruits you want from pineapple to oranges to blueberries. From now on, waking up is easy!

Enjoy your breakfast darlings!


ps. If you have more delicious and vegan breakfast ideas let me know!



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