Valencia Tips and Tricks

I finally present you my tips and tricks for the perfect stay in Valencia. This post will contain following subjects: how to get around in the city, where to stay, where to eat and what to do! I hope you all can enjoy my tips and tricks.¡Disfrútate!

First, nothing is as easy as getting from Valencia Aeropuerto to the city center. On level -1 at the airport you find the airport’s metro station, two of the lines (3 and 5 or red and green) will take you for 4.90 euros to the city center. You can also take the bus or taxi but why making it difficult when it can be so easy!

How to get around in Valencia?

Be aware that some websites or maps show the Spanish street names instead of the Valencian ones!

  • By foot: nothing better than just walk through the city so you can walk into any shop you like or take a picture at any moment.
  • By bike: in the entire city you can find bike rentals. My favourite one is at Calle de Sangre: Do You Bike . In addition, I have had a good experience with the bike rentals: Valencia Bikes in El Carmen and ‘Valencia Luxury Bikes’ at Calle de la Paz near Plaza de la Reina. WATCH OUT! You cannot bike on the pavements (a 250 euro fine) and lots of streets are one-way streets, also for bikers! Oh, and sometimes bicycle paths suddenly stop… (The Valenbici’s you will see everywhere in the city are for long-term rentals (you can hire them 10 days, 6 months or 1 year for only 29 euros))


  • By metro: on a lazy day it is recommended to take the metro to the beach or to other parts of the city such as the area of the stadion Mestalla or to The University Of Valencia at Avenida de Blasco Ibañez. (You can share a 10-way pass with several persons, easy and cheap!)
  • By taxi: at night taxi’s from the city center to the different clubs do not cost more than 6-12 euros, cheap when you can divide the price between friends!


Where to stay?

I recommend to stay in the city center instead of at the seaside. You will find more restaurants in this area and there is a more diverse nightlife in the center. The only recommended hotel, Neptunus, at the sea side is located next to a major club with the accompanying noise.

  • Low budget: In El Carmen you can find Home Backpackers Valencia, this is the hostel where I stayed when I arrived. The hostel is located in the heart of the old city and on 1 min. of thé night life area of Valencia. The chain Nest Hostels is found all over Spain and on several locations in this mediterranean city. They organise pub crawls and other activities for backpackers and everyone else who wants to join.
  • Medium and high budget: You cannot find a more central hotel than Melia Hotel, it is located at Plaza Ayuntamiento and therefore maybe overpriced for its rooms. Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace is located one street away of Plaza Ayuntamiento and still very central but more luxurious than ‘Melia Hotel’. Next, on a five minute walk of the Plaza there is Vincci Mercat, which belongs to the chain ‘Vincci Hotels’. My parents stayed in this hotel with rooftop swimming pool and they loved it. It is located in a small street near Mercado Central, this is a quiet neighborhood but still very central in the city.


Where to eat?

Breakfast and lunch:

  • My favorite place in the city is definitely Dulce de Leche in Ruzafa. They have all kinds of pastries but also quiches and other delicious things. A must-do when in Valencia! I went here before I was vegan and their cheesecake is just love!! (As well as their tomato salsa you see on the picture!)


  • La Petite Brioche is another place to go for breakfast. It is located in the neighborhood of Calle de Colon. This is the perfect place to start your shopping day!
  • Lisboa at Plaza del Doctor Collado is the most arty bar in entire Valencia, writers and painters come here together to have a drink or talk.
  • Near La Ciudad de las Artes y las Sciencias is Cocotte and Co a cosy place to have your first meal.
  • For ice cream or delicious desserts you have to be at Bautista Marti Italia at Gran Vía. Believe me, you won’t regret this!
  • Every other place that looks typically Spanish and has ugly furniture will serve you the best food.
  • Valencian people typically eat paella for lunch. To find the best paella my tip is to wander through the neighborhood El Carmen and just follow your gut. Like said before, mostly the places with the ugliest furniture have the best food!


  • My favorite restaurant definitely is Panorama at the pier in the harbor. Not only their food is delicious but also the view is stunning! (Make a reservation!)
  • La Pappardella and El Pomodoro are two amazing Italian restaurants by the same owner. ‘El Pappardella’ is specialized in pastas while ‘El Pomodoro’ prefers to serve pizza.
  • The Garnacha Tinta in Calle Doctor Romagosa where you can have a quiet but lovely dinner.
  • For burgers you go to the Black Turtle in Ruzafa. (They also have veggie!!!)
  • All restautants of The Copenhagen Group are worth a visit. They only serve vegetarian and vegan dishes but they are oh so delicious! You can find them in Ruzafa and El Carmen.
  • El Habitual is one of the restaurants of the famous Spanish cook Ricard Camarena. It is located in the beautiful Mercado Colon and a must visit for all foodies.


What to do / to see?

In El Ciutat Vella

  • Plaza Ayuntamiento and El edificio de  correos: You cannot go to Valencia and not enjoy this square (tip you can go into the city hall and act like a princess). Go into the Edificio de correos, the post office, in front of the city hall and promise me to look at the ceiling!
  • Plaza del toros and the train station are must do’s as well! It is not worth it to go in to the arena, it is nothing special, but the train station is worth a visit.
  • MERCADO CENTRAL!!!! I did al my grocery shoppings at this market, the place to be for fresh fruits and colorful pictures. DSCF3112
  • Plaza de la Virgen is one of my favorite plazas of Valencia, 24/24 people are hanging around on this square, skaters are doing their best tricks, tourists are taking picture of the naked man and the cathedral and from time to time you can find a work of art at this square.
  • The Metropolitan Basilica Catedral of St. Mary is the biggest ‘church’ in the city and worth a visit.You can climb its tower and you will have an amazing view over the city.
  • Torre Serrano (or Torre de quart): You can climb this medieval tower for a couple of euros, the view is stunning! (I prefer climbing this tower instead of the cathedral one, there is usually less people and you have almost the same view). (CHeck all the rooftop terraces and the rooftop playground of a nearby school).
  • El Jardín Botanico: Is the university’s park where you can find all sorts of plants and lots of cats.
  • For the arty people: IVAM this is the Valencian museum of contemporary art.

In Ruzafa / Gran Vía / Eixample:

  • Wandering through Ruzafa is a must-do! Here, you can find lots of cosy and original shops and restaurants as well as beautiful houses.
  • Mercado Colon is a beautiful market where you can find cosy coffee shops and at -1 the  restaurant El Habitual.
  • Calle Colon and Calle Jorge Juan are thé shopping streets of Valencia. So here, you shop ’till you drop with 5 Zara’s, 4 Massimo Dutti’s, 3 Corte Inglés and many more.


In Jardín del Turía: 

This park was a river, until it inundated in the ’70’s. Now it brings the nature into the city and this park is one of the reasons why I love Valencia much. In this park there are several must sees:

  • Puente de las flores: is a beautiful bridge over the Turia. I was surprised that at every season of the year flowers can be found on this bridge (and believe me, I biked it everyday on my way back home from uni)
  • Puente del mar: is an ancient but beautiful bridge which only allows pedestrians.
  • El Palacio de la Musica: is a beautiful building and the fountain in front of it makes it even more stunning. This place was my reading spot! Especially at night the Palacio is  stunning with its beautiful lights.



La Playa: 

I recommend to take the bike to the beach and bike to the first neighboring village Alboraya! Here are lots of cheaper and more cosy restaurants and it is a more authentic area than the beach area of Valencia itself.

It is also nice to bike through the harbor and stop at the lounge bars next to the architectural masterpiece Veles e ventes. 


Where to go out?

  • My favorite place to go out in Valencia definitely is L’ Umbracle at La Ciudad de las Artes y las Sciencias. With a beautiful view on the architecture designed by Calatrava you can party  in open air with an amazing atmosphere.
  • Another scenic club is The High Cube in the harbor.
  • For the best hiphop parties you go to El Rumbo.
  • If you cannot choose what kind of music you want for the night you go to La3Here you can find hiphop, house and techno.
  • For a sexy beach party, Aquarela is the place-to-be.
  • For a cosy night out you can also go to the neighborhood El Carmen. Dancing the night away is not difficult at all in Uniq and Congo. 


¡Hasta luego y disfrútate!



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