Girls in Ghent

Spring break means time for a girls trip! Ghent, is one of the biggest Belgian cities and is filled with students, Spanish tourists and happy vegans. The perfect place for a girls trip!

With the four of us we stayed at a B&B named, PPP Guesthouse. This Bed and Breakfast has five super modern rooms and is perfectly located. It was the perfect place to stay, the rooms were very spacious and clean. Breakfast was served on time and the cook minded my vegan diet. A plus is certainly the parking spot we could rent in an indoor car park because all car parks in the neighborhood are rather expensive. I definitely will stay here again, when visiting Ghent.

So what to do in Ghent? I’ll explain you what we visited/where we went in order of our walk.

To see:

Day 1:

  • The Gravensteen: An old castle, which in my opinion is more magical outside than inside.
  • The Vrijdagmarkt: This is a big square with lots of restaurants and the perfect place for lunch. Here, you can find a bar, Dulle Griet, with more than a 1000 different beers.
  • The Graslei: On this quay of the Leie most pictures are made. Here, you can have a drink on one of the many terraces, watch the boats full of tourists or enjoy the view of the houses and churches.
  • The Sint-Niklaaskerk, the Belfort and the Sint-Baafscathedral: known as the three famous towers of Ghent, these buildings form one of the main attractions of the city. Standing three in a row, you cannot miss them. I can recommend entering them as well. (In the Sint-Baafscathedral, you can visit the famous painting Lam Gods)
  • De Krook: The new public library of Ghent became famous the minute it was finished. It’s known for its special architecture. You can also have a look inside, but be quiet, there will be a lot of students studying here!

Day 2:

  •  The old beguinage is worth a visit. These little houses are part of Belgian’s history and are beautifully renovated.
  • The neighborhood Poel: This is the area were our B&B was located but it is also a beautiful neighborhood to walk through, with its little streets, cosy coffee bars and friendly people, it’s a nice place for a morning walk!
  • The neighborhood Patershol: Also this area is known for its little streets and many restaurants. In contrary to Poel, Patershol is more vibrant during the evening.
  • The “art street” Werregarenstraat: If you are as lucky as us, you can see some artists at work in this small street. It’s a must-visit!
  • De Vooruit: A concert hall, which is beautiful at the outside.
    • Veldstraat and its sidestreets (The Body Shop and & Other Stories are located here)
    • Brabantdam
    • Kouter
    • Supergoods (a fair and eco fashion shop)
    • BE O Biomarkt in the Heilige Geeststraat
    • Paard van Troje (a bookstore and coffee bar)

To eat:

  • The Holy Food Market: Is thé place to be these days. With food from all over the world you can eat whatever you want here.
  • Barista: This chain of coffee bars does not only have delicious coffee but also (vegan) cakes.
  • Madam Bakster: Unfortunately, this vegan bakery and coffee bar was closed during or stay but this is definitely a place to go back for!
  • Or Coffee Bar: For delicious bagels, lemonade or coffee.
  • De Frietketel: a typical Belgian Frituur, where you can also get vegan snacks.
  • The BE O Biomarkt: This is not only a bio market, but you can also have a delicious lunch at this place

Although our girls trip was only two days, we were able to see a lot of Ghent’s treasures, do some shopping and have a lot of coffee. So far I know, everyone who has visited this city loved it, and I am no exception. If you are looking for a nice weekend away, Ghent is the place to go!


Thanks to my mom for the beautiful pictures


L. as Wilma


2 responses to “Girls in Ghent

  1. Still reading your blog 😉 Great to see how you appreciated my home town! I can vouch for the deliciousness of Madam Bakster’s cakes and coffees.

    • I am so jealous! Madam Bakster has been on my bucket list since it opened, I was so disappointed that it was closed. Then I definitely have to go back soon 😉

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