Colourful chitenges and beautiful smiles.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Yes, that’s true. I’m already three weeks in Mfuwe Zambia. The last two weeks where super busy but also interesting and fun!

Once the entire team had arrived we could finally meet our project partner and the SEKA-actors. Ever since, they have been part of our lives. The actors are amazing, they are always happy and singing the entire dat. Moreover, they help us during the classes we give at Mfuwe Secondary Day School. Last week we started our playmaking and radio making classes at this school. It has been very interesting and fun, the students are always smiling and happy to see us. In the school we have to wear colourful chitenges over our clothes, it’s a nice way to get to know habits and traditions. (Pictures follow)

Last week we picked 25 of the students at random. More than 70 signed up but unfortunately we cannot provide the entire program for all of them. In addition, we work with playwriting buddies, students who participated in the program last year, who help the new students to create their plays. In class the students learned how to create a character and how to write their first exciting scene. A lot of interesting characters such as a blind hunter, a cool cloud and a forest. On Friday we finally could announce the topic, relationships. We had in class discussions about parent-child, student-teacher and love relationships. It was very interesting to hear what the students’ thoughts are on these topics. Next week it will be time to start writing for real. Yesterday we organized workshops for all the students who couldn’t attend the classes. SEKA helped us organize music, acting and prop making workshops which were fun and a nice way to end the week. 

Next to working we also had some free time and fun. We had Nshima, the local dish, in a small restaurant in town, we visited the chief of the village and had to bring a living chicken with us, on Friday night we went out to a local party but we didn’t know there is and evening clock in Mfuwe because of the elephants, and we also did watch a lot of elephants inside and outside Croc Valley. To start the weekend we went to a BBQ in Marula lodge with people from all over the world, a nice way to end the week. 




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